Bark Potty Disposable Bathroom for Dogs Review

Some pet owners prefer to use an indoor bathroom system, like Bark Potty, for their dog when they are away from home. See the full review here:

They are ideal for apartment dwellers, pet owners with mobility issues and owners of senior pets with incontinence issues. The Bark Potty is a natural alternative to traditional potty pads and inconvenient indoor pet bathroom systems that need to be cleaned daily.

“I was skeptical, because I’ve tried other indoor potty systems and pee pads with our dogs. Usually they don’t take to them very easily. Our Beagle mix, who is only 10 months old, picked up on the Bark Potty very quickly. She still has accidents at night once in a while, and can’t always hold it if we’re gone for more 4 or 5 hours.”

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