PETNF 2021 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Cat – How it works?

How does the PETNF litter box really work? Wondering if the PETNF automatic litter box is worth the money? Useful or Useless?
We have been preparing for a long time for the cat litter box.
Excellent Deodorizing Feature: Unique negative pressure air system eliminates the possibility of odor leakage.

Customized Infrared Sensor System: The sensor detects movements within 0.1 seconds, for a highly responsive reaction time which start self cleaning and disposing of waste after the cat exits the litter box.

Comfortable Private Space: The size of the automatic cat litter box is 20.2*19.5*24.6inch, trust us, your cats are very happy to have a private space to do their business.

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