How To Train A Dog To Sit W/ Distance! (Advanced)

This is an advanced training tutorial that highlights just one of the MANY exercises that I use to develop off-leash reliability in a dog. It is a great exercise for any dog that is at an ‘intermediate’ level – meaning that they can SIT/STAY on-leash reliably in a variety of settings through mild distractions.

Please note that although you will see me practice this off the leash near the end of the video, it is simply to demonstrate that with lots of practice, this exercise does have practical application. I do not recommend having your dog off the leash until you are 100% sure that they will Sit/Stay/Come from a distance or in a safe & enclosed area. The best approach is to practice consistently on a LONG line. For more information on how I teach ‘come’ & ‘stay’ – please watch my videos on those topics.

The theory behind this method is based on the Premack principle of conditioning. I may make more tutorials on off-leash work. Let me know if this is something you want to see more of!

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