Heavy Duty Clawguard Giveaway

We’re back with another FREE giveaway, and this time we have 2 Heavy Duty Clawguard door protector up for grabs! Enter before the drawing on Nov. 3rd! Enter here: https://topdogtips.com/clawguard-door-protector-giveaway

Have you had to repair or replace your door or door frame because of the damage done by your dog? Many dogs scratch at the door to notify their owner that they need to be let outside. This can chip paint, ruin sheet rock and destroy the wooden trim around doors. That’s why The Clawguard door protector was created!

“As I mentioned, the company has made improvements to this new Heavy Duty version of their traditional door protector. It’s now 2 times thicker than before and measures 44″ x 20″. The Clawguard door protector is clear, which means it will match any home decor, and this patent-pending device is made in the USA.”

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