MIU PET Car Seat Cover for Dogs Review

I have traditional seat covers on my car. They aren’t the best quality, but the keep the dirt from the dogs and the kids off the upholstery. I thought that was enough before I tried this car seat cover for dogs and quickly realized there’s a reason why these exist.

You can find my extensive written review here:

Review: MIU PET Hammock Car Seat Cover for Dogs

“It’s made of a polyester material that is completely waterproof. Trust me, we’ve tested this quality many times, and this hammock style dog car seat cover will keep your upholstery completely dry. As I explain in my video review, our chocolate lab, Saddie, loves the water. We can’t keep her out of it. Saddie has jumped into my SUV soaking wet on multiple occasions and even after a ride home of more than 30 minutes, the seats were completely dry under this cover.”

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