How to train a dog to….

Let me put this bluntly: you will never have a well behaved, obedient dog if you don’t FIRST have a strong BOND and he TRUSTS you fully! Period. This is why our motto is so near and dear to my heart. My training philosophy truly is: Step 1: Build a bond with your dog. Make them feel good when they are around you, build a friendship! Step 2: Gain their trust through routine exercises. Treat them fairly and they will learn to trust! Step 3: Build your team. This doesn’t mean, “Get more dogs!” The word “build” is what I focus on. Building layers of trust, confidence, positive interactions, reliance and faith in one another. Building layers upon layers to really strengthen the bond is the final step. This is what I teach and what I live by in this business. My slogan, is who I am. Now…why do I love a well-trained dog so much? They remind me of my Marines. You ask a dog to “down,” they go down. You ask a Marine to run 5 miles, they start jogging. The willingness to be obedient is a quality few have. It doesn’t mean you can walk all over a junior Marine and abuse him. It means that he learns who is in charge and willingly obeys for the greater good, to be a part of something bigger than himself. It’s the same for my dogs. When I started training Gunner, he didn’t listen. But after a few months of building our relationship and daily training sessions, he learned! He is the reason I am able to do this today. I learned so much from training him that I knew I could have a successful business and do it for all of my clients.

🐾 Build a bond.
🐾 Build trust.
🐾 Build your TEAM!

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