How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking At Visitors/ Best Way To Approach People

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking At Visitors/ Best Way To Approach People. To Stop dog barking at visitors, these exercises will help your dog relax near people and show you how to stop dog barking at visitors. Learn how to have your dog approach a person and how to train your dog to stop barking at guests. Dogs bark when they don’t know the person. Many times when a dog barks they are unsure and even afraid of the stranger. How can you train your dog to stop barking at people when they move? Dogs read body language. Our tips will help you to read your dog’s signals and move your dog away from scary people before your dog barks. Help your dog with positive training to believe the scary person is ok and maybe even a friend. You will understand why dogs bark at some strangers but not others. Have you heard a person say, why do dogs bark at me. This video will tell you how to approach a dog and how to train dogs not to bark at strangers.
00:00- 00:26 Dog Barks at Visitors All The Time
00:27- 00:33 Theo
00:34-1:32 Keys To Success To Stop Barking
1:33- 1:51 Reactive Dog Wears Leash
1:52- 2:25 Theo Reaction To Person Facing Away
2:26- 2:39 Theo Reaction To Person Facing Him
2:40- 4:28 Theo Rewarded For Approaching Stranger, No Eye contact
4:29- 4:38 Stranger Feeds Theo
4:39- 4:45 Stranger Attempts To Pet Theo
4:46- 5:33 Theo Approaches Stranger Easily
5:33- 5:56 Train your Dog To Stop Barking At Visitors
5:57- 6:01 Consult Positive Professional Dog Trainer
6:02- 6:35 Ending, Subscribe, Leave Comments, End Screens

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