Dog First Aid Kit: How To Make One & How To Use It

Whether you simply add a few extra items to your human first aid kit, or you make a separate pet first aid kit, having all of these items in an easily accessible area can save a lot of time and potentially really help your pet in the event of a first-aid need. The essentials to this pet first aid kit are inexpensive and fast to assemble. Many of the products come in bulk so this is a fantastic weekend project to do with a group of friends, the girl or boy scout troop, or another social gathering where you can split products up and divide them into individual kits.

If you’d like to order all of the items that are in the essentials kit, you can find the link to these items below:

The Essentials

Bandaging Materials
Non Stick Pads –
Vet Wrap / Webtear / Cohesive flexible bandage –
Gauze squares –

Medicinal / Chemical
Chlorhexidine Solution –
Hydrogen Peroxide
Diphenhydramine (Benedryl) –
Triple antibiotic ointment (without pain relief additive) –
Styptic powder (with benzocaine) –

Saline eye wash solution –
Tweezers –
Blunt scissors –
Slip Lead –
Nitrile disposable gloves –

Emergency contact numbers
Your veterinarian
Closest urgent Care
Closest emergency vet hospital
Animal care and control
Wildlife rescue
What Else You’ll Find in Sara’s Kit:

Disposable tourniquet
Gauze Roll
Cast padding
Nonstick waterproof tape
Tongue Depressors
Compress pack

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