How to train a dog that is over excited over food

This is my dog training tip of the day. How to build calmness in your dog using their meal.

If you think in the terms that you are training your dog 100% of the time, every reinforcement you give your dog or the environment gives your dog, is building some behavior or emotional state. What behavior and emotional state are you building every time you put your dogs food bowl down. Are you building calmness or are you building arousal?

You have to feed your dog every day, you might as well capture the behaviors you like and use that meal to its fullest to create a happy calm and well adjusted companion.

Teaching your dog to settle-

This tip should get you thinking about other times you reward arousal in your dog without thinking about it.

Coming up on Dogmantics will be an episode on Pit Bulls as well as an episode on how to get your dog to stop barking!

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