West Paw Rowdies Dog Toy Review

Virtually every dog loves to play with toys, but they all play differently. Read full review here: https://topdogtips.com/west-paw-rowdies-dog-toys-review

Some dogs like to fetch and tug, while others like to chew. Still, some pups just like to have a soft toy to carry around with them. West Paw Rowdies dog toys are quite versatile, but they are plush toys, so they’re not suitable for aggressive or destructive chewers.

“Can you see the little nubs that are used to make the “hands” and “feet” of these toys. They are made from West Paw’s unique Zogoflex material (which is a soft plastic blend). It feels similar to rubber is extremely durable to gnawing jaws. My dogs love these little nubs, and they haven’t been able to chew them off yet.”

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