Excessive barking can be one of the biggest stressors in a dog owner’s relationship with their pup!

“What should I do if my pup is excessively barking?”

To accurately answer that question, you need to identify whom or what your pup is barking at, and more importantly, WHY.

Dogs usually begin to bark excessively for the following reasons:

– To gain your attention
– To assert dominance over animals or passersby
– Out of fear or uncertainty

If your dog is barking at you, he is almost certainly doing it for attention and/or control.

Here is a step-by-step checklist to follow in order to correct this issue:

1. If your pup continues to bark after telling him “No”, turn your back on your pup and ignore him until he stops barking.

He might continue to bark for a long time, so you NEED to be patient and give him the chance to correct himself!!!

2. Once he stops barking, give him a lot of attention, praise, and/or treats.

You want to make it a huge deal and show that he gets attention and praise by being CALM. This is so so important!

3. Repeat the whole process any time your dog barks at you until he stops using it as a means to gain your attention.

4. However, if your pup will NOT stop barking after following the first two steps, give him a short break in the crate or outside and then start over from the beginning until he stops barking.

When reading this step, some people initially may think “Why are you punishing him by putting him in the crate?”

Which is why I’m SUPER clear that this is NOT a punishment! Whether you put him in the crate or outside, it’s about HOW you do it. The purpose of this exercise is to make your dog understand that he does NOT earn the right to be with you if he’s misbehaving. Soon, your dog will begin to understand that good behavior is what gets your attention. Once your dog comes out of the crate or from outside, start from step 1 until your dog learns that the BEST way to get your attention is by behaving like a good boy.

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