How to Train Your Dog for AKC Scent Work (K9 Nose Work)

Dog detection training is a great use for K9 nose work and sets your friend up for an intro to dog sports. Additionally, the same basic principles apply to how to train a drug dog with far-reaching levels of complexity and skill. AKC scent work is open to dogs of all breeds that are 6 months or older; dogs with physical limitations are also encouraged to participate. The sport teaches them how to identify a specific scent or odor, usually, Birch, Anise, Clove, or Cypress, in a specific area (indoors, outdoors, and different surfaces) during hides and alert their owner when they find their target within a specified time limit. In this tutorial, we start with the basics. I show you how to teach your dog the “Search” command in a few easy steps. First, start with one cup or container to get your dog to target a certain area (you can use whatever you like: Milk jugs, cones, PVC pipe, etc.). Second, add another cup or container. Third, proof the behavior by moving the target scent or substance around. Then, add a cue word. Lastly, add the third cup or container and diversify the exercise, slowly increasing the complexity and duration your dog stays on the target scent. Remember to set your dog up for success. If he or she gets confused, go back to the last known point of success and grow from there. This is an activity with your dog that will improve your communication skills and strengthen your bond. Dingle Days VLOG 31 MAR 19.

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