How to Groom Your Dog at Home (Tips for Every Breed)

Dog grooming can be a very daunting task but knowing how to groom your dog at home without a groomer can save you a lot of money and provide other benefits, too. In this video I’m giving you some actionable tips on DIY dog grooming, what tools you’ll need and how to groom a dog yourself quickly and hassle-free, no matter what breed of dog you have.

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It’s intimidating to many dog owners, but if you learn how to groom a dog properly you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each year. It’s not as difficult as you think, and the price of the right at-home grooming supplies will be much lower than the price of professional dog grooming costs.

“This guide is just meant to be a general overview of the many grooming tasks that a pet parent will need to perform (or hire someone to perform). I’ve made detailed video guides on each specific task. If you know everything you need to know about brushing your dog, you can skip that one and focus on learning about the tasks you’re less confident about.”

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