How to Train Your Dog to Stay Close While Off Leash

In this short video, professional dog trainer Josh Miller teaches you how to use a PetSafe® remote training collar to train your dog to walk nicely off-leash. Learn more about our training options –

Importantly, you must first teach your dog how to walk nicely on a leash before using the remote trainer to reinforce that training off-leash. With on-leash training, the goal is for your dog to make a positive association with a lack of leash tension. When you transition to the training collar, you can use tone, vibration or static stimulation in place of leash tension.

Before using the remote trainer, make sure to watch our videos on properly fitting the collar and finding your dog’s recognition level.

When you begin using the remote training collar, start in a distraction-free environment. You don’t want your dog to associate the stimulation with an unintended distraction. Make sure to start with the training collar set to your dog’s recognition level.

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