Beef and Pork Crock Pot Dog Food Recipe (Cheap and Easy)

Preparing dog food in a slow cooker is not only simple and fast, but it can also be very cheap. This beef and pork crock pot dog food recipe is very nutritious and healthy for dogs and will be very easy to make for anybody new to homemade dog food recipes and cooking for dogs.

You can find the full recipe, serving size, ingredients and more tips on beef and pork crock pot dog food recipe here:

You can add the ingredients in the morning, leave for work, and your pup will have a delicious fresh meal by the time you come home.

“Just add all the ingredients to your slow cooker and stir the dog food occasionally as it cooks. You can cook this recipe for 4 hours on the ‘high’ setting or 7 hours on the ‘low’ setting.”

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