How to Check Dog’s Vital Signs, Heartbeat and Temperature

The hardest part about owning a dog is knowing when and how to care for his health. You must know how to check your dog’s vital signs, his heartbeat, breathing rate, temperature and heart rate as well as other things. In this video, I’m showing you how to quickly and easily check your dog’s heart rate, heartbeat and other vital signs without too much hassle.

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Our dogs can’t tell us when their feeling feverish or if their heart is racing. Oftentimes owners don’t even realize their dog is ill until it’s too late for treatment. Learning how to check a dog’s vital signs is important information to know before an emergency happens.

“You should be able to see his chest expand every time he takes a breath in. You’re going to need to count the number of breaths he takes in a 15 second period of time. Then you’ll do the same math we did above to find his breathing rate in a minute.”

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