Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box Testimonial Done Right!

One of our great Litter-Robot customers sent us the testimonial below and this video. Thank you so much for sharing!

To All You Cat People Out There! If you have not done yourself and your cat the favor of purchasing a Litter Robot, you must do it now. We are new cat owners and we were already kicking ourselves for getting a cat after we had to scoop litter from a traditional litter box. Well, then we heard about the Litter Robot. It is so “painless.” Once you set it up, pour in the cat litter, and introduce kitty to it, your life will become care-free again. I’ve told long-term cat owners about it, and they shrug it off, content to scoop poop the old-fashioned way. When I show them my Robot, they realize the days of messy litter boxes are over. We bought two Robots, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We have saved so much on kitty litter, too, as the Robot doesn’t waste the litter like a traditional litter box. Plus, it is so much more hygienic in that the cat is always touching clean litter…no smell, easy clean-up by emptying the bag once weekly (we have one big Ragdoll cat). We could never return to litter boxes.

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