How to Train A Dog to Do Nose Work (And Some Training Ideas)

Your dog explores the world with his nose the same way that we do with our eyes. Training your dog to do nose work can be beneficial both for the dog and the owner. In this video I’m showing you the basics of canine nose work, how to train your dog for nose work and a few ideas that you can practice with your pet.

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We see beautiful colors in thousands of different hues. Your dog takes in information from his environment through his nose, and exercising that organ by learning how to train a dog to do nose work is a great way to help hone Fido’s skills.

“Learning how to train a dog to do nose work is fun and exciting (for you and your pet). If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked once your pup starts really getting into the game. I love watching our little Beagle mix sniff around the yard looking for her treats, and it’s been a lot of fun involving our chocolate Labrador in the training too.”

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