How to Train Your Dog to Leave It with No Command

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It with No Command

There are many reasons to train your dog to “leave it” on command. Your puppy or dog might be grabbing scraps off the ground when you are out walking, raiding the garbage, stealing food off the table or counter. It’s not safe for your dog, and it is frustrating for you.

The downside of training “leave it” on command is that you’ll have to be there to say it to your dog for life. And perhaps one day your dog is off the lead, away from you, can’t hear your “leave it” and grabs something that is life-threatening. What I like to do is teach my dogs to leave things alone by making it their choice. It all starts with a game I call ItsYerChoice because it teaches dogs to make the choices we want them to make. It removes the need for us to always be micromanaging what our dogs are doing.

The ItsYerChoice game will even help your dog make great choices in the face of big distractions. You’ll be able to get your dog’s attention just by saying your dog’s name, or any word you want to use. I’ve got a demonstration of how it looks in the foundation stages here in this video with my dog Momentum.

ItsYerChoice has not only worked for me; it’s worked for tens of thousands of my students and their dogs of all ages, breeds, shapes and sizes and backgrounds. You can join us to learn one simple dog training game that will change your dog’s approach to distractions and release you from needing to say “leave it” and nagging your dog many times a day:

When you join in, you and your puppy or dog will receive a free 20 minute training video and a step by step Play Book to help your dog get control over distractions. My foundation game teaches dogs HOW to make great choices to ‘leave’ food / toys / distractions. This is DIFFERENT! And because it’s a game, it’s fun, and we all learn best when we are having fun.

Looking forward to coaching you on how to get your dog to leave it because that is what your dog chooses to do. Join me to learn how IYC can change your life with your dog:

See you soon!

Susan Garrett

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