VET-VIRTUE Fragrance Free Ear Wipes for Dogs

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LARGE COTTON WIPE- 6″x5″ to ensure you have enough to get both ears done with one wipe, easily handle ear wax in both ears with this large wipe, not overly saturated with solution
FREE OF HEAVY CHEMICAL PERFUMES will not irritate your dogs sensitive olfactory channel, dogs powerful sense of smell should not be overwhelmed with chemicals and perfumes put on or near the head
HELPS SKIN IRRITATION brought about from FUNGAL INFECTIONS in the ears, insect bites and ECZEMA on or around the ears, without the use of medication
TRY WITH NO RISK we are confident in our dog health solutions and guarantee your satisfaction with our pet supplies for dogs
CONTAINS ORGANIC ACIDS Benzoic and Salicylic together to help infection caused by bacteria, without any medication

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