Dog Training: How to Teach Dogs to Stay | Chewy

So, you’ve started your playful pup on her new dog training program, and she’s just learned how to sit and play and all that fun stuff. Well, now it’s time for you to learn how to teach dogs to stay. A good sit-and-stay combo is vital for basic dog obedience training and serves as a great foundation for all the stuff you’ll need to teach as you learn how to train dogs. Whatever you do, don’t try to skip these basic dog training commands, since your pup needs these basic dog training tenants to move on to all the easy dog tricks you’ll want to teach later! And never forget to incorporate lots of positive reinforcement into this stage of obedience training for dogs. Having a quick treat or click or happy “yes!” is a really easy way to get your dog accustomed to the basic dog training principles like the ones we’ll explore in this video, which are based on a positive training approach. Now, let’s not take too much time talking about it! Hit play to learn how to teach dogs to stay and keep your dog obedience training program going full steam. And remember to visit for all your fur friend’s needs

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