Health Log Display Demonstration – ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Video Guide

At ChillX we care about your cat’s health!

Here you can follow along with our official video guide demonstrating the use of the health log display on your ChillX AutoEgg! The AutoEgg’s touchscreen display records a log of the date, time, duration, weight, and waste data after every use. For abnormalities such as waste weighing less than 0.18 oz, the AutoEgg will flag and record the bathroom trip in red.

Keeping an eye on their health log and alerts gives you the confidence of knowing your feline friend is healthy and happy!

Having some issues? We’d love to help! Visit our FAQ page at or you can message us for additional support via FB Messenger or by emailing Replies typically take 1 business day.

ChillX – Designed with love and chill in L.A.

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