How to Train Your Dog to His New Dog Fence

The key to the success of any Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence is properly training your dog to the new Fence Boundary you’ve set for him. Being committed to thorough and consistent training will ultimately give you peace of mind knowing your dog will remain safely within the Roaming Area. But where do you begin?

This video will walk you through each of the 5 phases of dog training, beginning with an optional preliminary phase, which will familiarize your dog with the electric dog fence training flags. Phase 1 (Passive Training) will help your dog to understand that he should stay away from the training flags. Phase 2 (Active Training) teaches your dog to associate the flags with both the tone and static correction that are administered by the wireless collar. Phase 3 (On-Leash Distractions) helps your dog learn to stay within the Roaming Area despite distractions outside of the Fence Boundary. Phase 4 (Off-Leash Distractions) is intended to teach your dog to stay inside the Roaming Area without being on a leash. Phase 5 (Dog Monitoring) ensures that your dog has learned all parts of training and may help you to identify areas where you should conduct reinforcement training.

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