Litter Robot Open Air 3 Review | #1 SELF CLEANING LITTER BOX 2017!

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The Litter Robot 3 Open Air is definitely the best self cleaning litter box on the market. It is a revolutionary product for the pet industry. Although a bit on the high price side, you’ll get every penny’s worth with your purchase. You’ll never have to scoop your cat’s litter box out again!
You get the following features:
– Fully self cleaning robot
– Wide range of customizable control features
– 18 month warranty
– 90 day money back guarantee
– has a Night light
– Great for household with multiple cats and different size furballs

We really have enjoyed the Litter-Robot in our house so far. We’ve only had to empty the box every week or so, and it’s clean, odor-free, and our cat Fozzie loves it. Highly recommend the investment, especially if you have multiple cats in your house. There’s no easier way to not have to worry about your cat’s waste!
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