How to Train a Dog to Poop On a Leash (the Easy Way)

Some of you may have laughed when you read the title of this article but it’s actually a very important and useful skill to learn for those who can’t seem to get it right. In this video, I’ll show you a quick way to train your dog to poop on a leash and do it the right way, especially for puppies.

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While it may seem like a joke to some, many dog owners understand that this struggle is all too real. It’s actually quite a common issue, and it’s not too difficult to learn how to train a dog to poop on a leash.

“In order to learn how to train a dog to poop on a leash, you’ll need to know his schedule. If you feed him at the same time everyday, it’s likely that he’ll usually poop around the same time too. For example, if you feed him in the morning before leaving for work, he’s probable going to be ready to do his business by the time you come home.”

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