Best Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs Comparison

Fleas and ticks not only cause itchy dogs and annoyed owners, but they can also carry diseases and cause some serious health issues, including death. It’s important to have the best dog flea and tick treatment at all times throughout the year. In this video, I’m testing and comparing the best flea and tick treatment for dogs from most popular brands – Seresto, Frontline and Vet’s Best – to see how they fair against each other and what’s healthy for dogs.

You can find the extensive written comparison here:

Fleas also infect your dog with tapeworms, which are another parasite that can cause a lot of problems. That’s why every pet owner needs to have the best flea and tick treatment for dogs on hand at all times.

“The other advantage that sets this product apart from the other two on this list is its versatility. Unlike topical treatments and collars, you can use this spray on your pet and around your home!”

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