Dog Training: How to Teach Dogs to Sit | Chewy

Ask anybody about how to begin a dog training regimen, and the smart money will be on how to teach dogs to sit as the first basic dog training command all feisty little fur friends should know! While most people want to get down to how to teach dog tricks, basic obedience training is super important for your dog. It strengthens your bond with your dog, helps keep your dog listening to you, and sets a precedent for good dog behavior that you just can’t skip on your way to learning some easy dog tricks. First and foremost, dog training starts with lots of positive reinforcement and teaching a dog to sit can provide a pretty simple way to get your dog accustomed to that kind of basic dog training style. It’s really easy to always have a click or treat or super happy “yes!” ready when learning how to train dogs, especially when you’re learning basic dog training commands like teaching a dog to sit! Whether you’re wondering how to train puppies or how to train dogs of any other age, the basic dog obedience training principles outlined in this video, along with lots of pawsitive reinfurcement, will serve you and your fur family members well! Now hit play and get ready to learn how to train a dog to sit! And for all your furry friend’s needs, check out

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