The Ultimate Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box | Petree Litter Box | Never Scoop Litter Ever Again

Enjoy the freedom of never having to scoop litter for your cats again! Petree Litter Box contains a gravity sensor at the bottom of the device, which can accurately detect the presence of a cat in the litter. When the cat leaves the litter, our sifting system separates waste from clean litter and deposits the waste into our litter drawer.

How To Use The Petree Litter Box
1. Check to make sure your cat weighs a minimum of 1.5kg (usually after 3 months)

2. Place the machine on a flat surface like tiles/floorboards.

3. Add bentonite litter in the litter box before turning on the machine.

4. Add the litter bag in the litter drawer.

5. Wait for your cat to use the machine and replace the litter bag when needed.

That’s it! It’s that simple.

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