Welcome to Litter-Robot, The Fully Automated, Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Welcome to the world of the Litter-Robot, the world’s smartest and most user-friendly automatic litter box. Our high-tech litter box was made for every kind of cat-lover, whether you’ve got just one or a whole house full! The roomy, futuristic design offers ample interior space for big and small cats alike, while the patented sifting process means no more scooping for you. In short, Litter-Robot helps make the most out of life with pets by eliminating the chore of cleaning.

So how does it work? Sensors within the Litter-Robot know when your cat’s inside. After he or she exits the unit, a timer begins and the self-cleaning process starts. Within just a few seconds, the unit is back in the home position and ready for the next pet! Litter-Robot litter boxes are equipped with smart features that help deter household pet odors and create a pleasant environment for your four-legged friends! Let Litter-Robot become the last litter box you ever buy.

You can shop the Litter-Robot III Open Air litter box here: https://www.litter-robot.com/litter-robot-iii-open-air.html

Backed by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and an 18-Month Warranty.

Visit our site at https://www.litter-robot.com/

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