World’s Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Blue

Used by more than 1 million cats today, this is the Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It’s simple, yet smart design makes cleaning your cat’s litter box easy!
All you have to do is roll it over you are pretty much done!
To use the Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box, slide off the tabs, and fill it up to the line measurements inside the litter box with clumping cat litter and then just give your cat some time.
The Roll’n Clean Litter Box has a grill inside that catches clumped waste.
When you roll the box onto its top, the waste is caught, while the clean litter passes through the grill, getting rid of the bad stuff, and keeping the good stuff. You may wish to give it a bit of a counter roll back.
When you roll it back down, the waste goes into the pull out tray, while the clean litter covers the bottom. You’ll see your litter box is level with cat litter, clean and ready to use again.

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