How to Train a Dog to Stay in the Yard (A Simple Method)

It’s our responsibility as pet owners to keep our dogs safe. A big part of that is making sure that your dog always stays on your property. In this video, I’m showing you how to train your dog to stay in the yard and stop him from exploring your neighbor’s property. All you need for this are some boundary flags, like these ( or these ones from PetSafe (

Full written instructions here:

There are many ways to do that, and one of the most common is by learning how to train a dog to stay in the yard using the usual dog training methods. Most pet parents like the idea of keeping their pup in the yard without having to tether him or put up an unsightly fence.

“The key to training a dog to stay in the yard is boundaries – your dog needs to know where they are, and he needs to understand that there will be consequences if he crosses them. Consequences don’t mean yelling or any type of negative action.”

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