Epica Dog Nail Clipper Review (2018)

In this Epica dog nail clipper review I’m taking a look at one of the most popular pet nail clippers for dogs out there, and consider all the pros and cons that you need to know about before buying these clippers yourself. Trimming your dog’s nails is a necessity. That’s why every dog owner needs a pair of quality nail clippers in their dog grooming tool kit. This week I had the opportunity to try these Epica Dog Nail Clippers, and I think they are a great choice for large breeds.

You can find the extensive written review here: http://topdogtips.com/epica-dog-nail-clippers-review

“I like that the handle of these nail clippers is ergonomically designed and coated in rubber. This provides a good grip so your hands don’t slip, even if you have a dog that squirms around a lot like mine!”

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