Evenflo Position and Lock Pet Gate Review

Pet gates for dogs can be an incredibly helpful tool for dog owners. In this Evenflo dog gate review, I’m taking an extensive look at this product, consider its pros and cons, and discuss everything pet owners must know before buying this pet gate, or any other gates for dogs.

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You probably associate pet gates with keeping puppies contained in a small area or keeping curious pets away from garbage cans and cat litter boxes. While they can certainly be helpful in these types of situations, it’s actually beneficial for every dog owner to invest in a gate. If you choose the right gate for your needs and your pooch, you will surely find countless ways to use it.

“The only problem with this design is that a crafty dog may be able to climb the gate too. If your dog is a climber, you’d be much better off finding a gate that only has vertical slats. We’ve never had this problem, but I can imagine that any dog that wants to escape badly enough could easily figure out a way to scale this gate, which could possibly result in an injury.”

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