Best Seat Belt for Dogs Comparison

All dogs have to go for a car ride at some point and picking the best seat belt for dogs to use in your car is essential. In this video, I’m comparing the most popular brands to find the best dog seat belt for cars, test them and show you how they fair against each other. These are the products I’ve tested:

– Vastar (
– Sleepypod Clickit (
– EzyDog (

Extensive written comparison here:

Most enjoy going for joy rides with their owners, but some only get in the car when it’s time to go to the vet. Whether your pooch always rides shotgun or he only goes in the vehicle when he has an appointment, having the best seat belt for dogs is a must.

“One thing the Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Harness offers that no similar product does is an anchor system that reduces lateral movement by holding your pet’s back end in place. Your vehicle does need to have a baby seat latch system, which all vehicles manufactured after 2003 are required to have.”

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