How to train your dog to walk to heel

One of the most common problem dog owners face is out on the walk. Dogs pull due to excitement, because they feel unsafe, to get to food, to toilet, to avoid weather conditions or because they think they are in charge and so decide the direction and speed of the walk.

That is why I recorded this video: a step by step guide to get your dog to walk beside you, starring Ruby and Milly. Ruby and Milly are two very enthusiastic, untrained chocolate labradors. Enjoy!


My goal is to better the lives of one million dogs in my lifetime. It is clearly impossible for me to do this on a one to one basis. I have seen that with around every thousand views on my videos, I get a comment or email thanking me and letting me know the video has helped. So working on that basis, I have to make videos on how to address every problem
behaviour and accumulate ONE billion views in order to help 1,000,000 dogs.

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My name is Nigel Reed, and I am a dog behaviourist and author with fifteen years experience addressing all types of problematic behaviour. My book The Dog Guardian has sold over 21,000 copies and I have over 2000 clients in the U.K and Europe. I hold qualifications and certificates in dog training and behaviour, animal assisted therapy, wolf studies and nutrition and health. Next to that, I am a regular on radio and television helping owners address their dog’s behaviour.

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