Best Dog Pooper Scooper Comparison and Testing

I’m doing an extensive best dog pooper scooper comparison and testing, and I’ve tried some of the most popular brands to see how they fair against each other. Like most dog owners, you may be under the impression that all dog poop scoopers are pretty much the same, but as you can see in the video, that is not the case.

You can find the extensive written comparison here:

Actually there are many unique models on the market. The best dog pooper scooper needs to be easy to use and effective on every terrain.

“You’ll also notice that the bucket has serrated teeth, which is supposed to make it grab poop out of the grass easier. It does work in the grass, but not as well as I anticipated. Again, when the stool is hard it’s no problem, but soft and loose stool is hard to get out of the grass with this scoop.”

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