Pawbo Pet Camera Review

During this Pawbo pet camera review, you can see how this can be an invaluable too for dog owners and cat owners alike. I practically shed a tear every time I have to leave my dogs home alone. A good pet camera with treat dispenser is something every BUSY pet owner needs, and this one is a good mid-range budget option.

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I kiss them and tell them that I will be back soon. They look at me with their sad little faces. It’s brutal! I was anxious to see if the Pawbo Pet Camera would help to bridge the gap when I’m away from home.

“Once set up, all you have to do is open the app on your handheld device and it will connect to the camera in your home. The Pawbo Pet Camera records 720P HD video. The quality isn’t as good as other cameras that offer 1080P HD, but as you’ll see in my video above it’s still a clear picture.”

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