How to train your dog to know its name | Expert puppy training advice

Discover how to train your dog to know its name in this puppy training masterclass from international dog trainer Anthony Clarke.

Name recognition is an essential element to all other dog training – so it’s important to master it quickly. Anthony teaches two novice owners some name recognition techniques – and they try them on their lively young puppies. Once you’ve mastered this dog training basic watch the other training topics in Anthony’s video masterclass. Getting your dog to recognise its name is a key to much of training. because it’s a way of getting your dog’s attention. international Trainer Anthony Clarke is showing a group of new owners how it’s done.
Okay, what we’re going to be looking at now is we’re going to be looking at some name recognition exercises. As soon as we say the dog’s name, we want the dog to leave whatever’s happening and focus on whatever we’re going to tell it to do. Right, so what we need, we need lots and lots of treats, something exciting, so the dog’s getting rewarded for doing the correct behaviour. And what we’re going to do now, we’re going to crouch down on the floor with them. Okay, and as soon as we say they dog’s name and they look at us, we’re going to feed them. If they’re looking away from us, okay, as soon as they look back at us or look up to our face, you’re going to feed them straight away. Okay. Let’s give it go with Badger.
Name recognition is one of the first things you would be thinking about teaching your dog.

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