Big Barker Dog Bed Review: Are These the Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs?

New dog owners often ask me what dog supplies they are going to need. Alongside the necessities, I always recommend to get a quality dog bed, and Big Barker dog beds are currently the most popular. In this 7 inch Big Barker dog bed review video I’m testing the bed myself and with my dogs, taking a look at its pros and cons, and give you all the details you need to know before buying one of the best dogs for large dogs out there.

Full review:

“As I explain in my video review, a Big Barker dog bed is specifically calibrated for large dogs. The picture above shows the interior makeup of the ‘Headrest’ addition, which is what I have. The ‘Sleek’ addition is the same, but without the 4″ contoured foam headrest on the top.”

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