journey to the WORLD’S MOST EPIC PET STORE?! (we got EVEN MORE!!)

Behold. The slow metamorphosis into Taylor Nicole Dean. This is Mark’s Ark Pet Store in Salt Lake City Utah! It’s a pretty interesting pet store with a lot of cool different types of animals and pets for sale.


🎬 My name is Hy. I’m a 21 year old vid-kid from Arizona, bent on a mission to become one of the youngest to row (and daily vlog) the Atlantic OCEAN. The only way this is going to happen is if we STAY HYPE! Supporting our mission is as simple as smashing that subscribe button.

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in this video;
Sugar glider videos
Sugar glider flying
Sugar glider
new pet
taylor nicole dean

Meeting My Dream Pets! *Sugar Gliders, Giant Rabbits, & more!!!*
Zumi’s New Haircut and Pet Store Visit – Puppy Toys, Clothes and Treats – DCTC Morkie
Surrounded By So Many Cool Animals! *pet store vlog*

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