Best Dog Clipper Comparison and Testing

Grooming your dog at home will save you a lot of money in professional grooming expenses, but you’ll need the right tools for that. In this video, I’m comparing the best dog clippers for grooming your dogs. We’re taking a look at the most popular dog hair clipper from Wahl and Andis, as well as silent dog clippers from Scaredy Cut, and how they all fair against each other.

You can find the extensive written comparison here:

Most owners perform simple tasks like brushing and bathing at home, but getting your pooch a professional haircut can be quite expensive. With a little know-how and the best dog clippers, you can trim Fido’s fur and save yourself a bundle!

“You’ll notice that the Andis and Wahl clippers are the same style. They are both electric clippers that work to groom your pet quickly and effectively. They both have multiple blade lengths and come with an array of guards. I’ll get into the differences between the two in a moment.”

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