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Positive reinforcement training helps you reward your pup to encourage the behaviors you want. This is of course the opposite of negative reinforcement which should never be a primary option. Negative dog training strictly relies only on punishments, and can cause dogs to fear their owners. If you’re using behavior modification techniques to promote dog obedience, give your pup a reward each time he obeys the command. Positive dog training teaches your precious pup that good things, like yummy dog treats, come with good behavior. One of the biggest factors to getting this positive reinforcement dog training down-pat is knowing what motivates your dog to respond to basic dog commands. Keep in mind different dogs respond to different rewards. Food-driven pups can’t resist dog treats, such as Blue Buffalo Treats. And attention-loving canines can’t turn down a good old- fashioned backrub. Some more dog training tricks to perfect dog obedience is starting a game of tug of war or fetch with his favorite dog toys. Games and playtime are fun dog training methods to use to reinforce good doggie behavior. By rewarding your pet instead of discouraging, your pup will respect you more and strengthen the bond between you two.
You’ll learn all the do’s and dont’s and even the maybe’s to positive reinforcement dog training. So grab your training treats and click play!
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