PetChatz HD Pet Camera Review

For busy dog owners, a pet camera with treat dispenser is exactly the right tool. Do you worry about your dog when you’re not home? I do. I’ve reviewed many dog cameras before, and this one seems to have the most features. During this PetChatz HD pet camera review I’ll demonstrate most of them to show you whether it’s worth the purchase.

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What if there was an easy way to check on her without having to leave work or go home early from an event? Not only do dog cameras, like the PetChatz HD Pet Camera, allow you to check in on Fefe, you can give her a treat and talk to her as well!

“One of the most unique features offered by the PetChatz HD Pet Camera is the aromatherapy scent releaser. While many similar products dispense treats, this is the first of its kind to dispense scents. You can use essential oils or the company’s scent pads to release aromatherapy fragrances that will help to calm your pet. Aromatherapy can also be used for many other holistic healing practices in dogs.”

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