How to train a puppy obedience without force with Emma Willblad !!!

How to train a #puppy obedience without force with Emma Willblad ,use of food for #obedience !!!
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In this video you can see my wife Emma Willblad training the basics with our youngest #malinois puppy. Emma has been training #dogs for over 20 years for competitions. Mostely freestyle dogs but also a lot of FCI obedience on top levels.
Emma has also been working a lot with dogs for televisions & film productions. 2008 she was invited to Oprah Winfrey show as one of Oprahs guests to preform with her dog.

In this video we present our new Belgian Malinois puppy , Diana Keaton is Always Crazy .We call her Silly …this 15 min is only a small part of our hard work with her in the last 6 months .
This is the basic of our #puppytraining schutzhund program . We want to create high drived #dogs with big working etics !!!

#Belgianmalinois #puppy ,the first 6 months of #obedience #protectiontraining… with #EmmaScinteieWillblad Viorel Scinteie
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