Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Eliminates Scooping and Odors

Hate to scoop? We do too, which is why we developed the Litter-Robot self-cleaning litter box, a reinvented litter box that ensures that you never have to scoop again. This high-tech litter box was developed after years of careful planning and is equipped with a wide range of features that make owning a pet a breeze. Many of those pain points of pet ownership — litter box odors, scooping and finicky cats — can be addressed with the Litter-Robot.

Watch this video to learn how the Litter-Robot works. It’s designed with a roomy, space-age design that cats love, and is comfortable enough even for multiple cats and large cats. But the best part is, the Litter-Robot helps mitigate those unpleasant pet odors via a carbon filter that helps trap odors and keeps them from permeating your house. Plus, you never have to scoop again!

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Backed by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and an 18-Month Warranty.

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