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Wondering how do you train a dog to leave it? When your pup gets a hold of something they shouldn’t have, it’s su-paw important to have basic dog commands in place, like “drop it” or “leave it”, to correct them on the spot. Training your dog to “Leave It” and “Drop it” could actually save your dogs life. And also keep your favorite valuables from being chewed on. We’re here to show you the dog tips and tools to get this dog obedience training down-pat. When you teach your dog to leave it, positive reinforcement dog training becomes your best friend.These dog training methods take time so get your dog supplies early and be sure to have plenty of dog treats handy! It’s good to start off this dog behavior training slow, and mix it up between practicing with the “Leave It” command and without the command. And remember to reward your pup with those yummy dog treats each time he gets it right. We like to call this positive dog training at it’s finest! You’ll love the dog obedience, and your fur friend will love the treats as an added bonus. So with patience, tons of dog treats, and a little dog communication, your dog will know “no”. In a few reps of practicing these basic dog commands and good dog training techniques, your pet will drop it like its hot in no time. Check out this video to find out how do you train a dog to leave it!
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