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If your kitten or cat has fleas and you’re not sure how to get rid of fleas on cats, here comes Advantage II to the rescue! Advantage II cat flea treatment is a topical ointment that helps protect your feline friend from cat fleas and the potentially harmful diseases they can transmit. This veterinarian-recommended cat flea treatment is specifically formulated to make getting rid of fleas on cats easy. Advantage flea treatment for cats kills flea adults, eggs and larvae to break the flea life cycle and prevent a new flea infestation. Best of all, it works without putting your cat with fleas through more discomfort and pain, no flea bites on cats necessary! Just apply the cat flea treatment, and it will start to kill cat fleas within 12 hours. Advantage flea treatment for cats are available in formulas for cats over 8 weeks in all life stages and of all sizes, so you can find the one best for your purr-fect pal. The waterproof formula works for up to 4four weeks, even after bathing, so your flea problem is always under control! Now you know how to remove a tick from a cat! If you have a flea infested house, be sure to spray both inside and outside to ensure that you won’t have another flea infestation on your hands. Use Advantage yard and premise spray to take care of any flea and tick problems outside. For how to get rid of flea infestation inside your home, Advantage household spot & crevice spray will keep your flea problem out of your carpets, curtains and floor cracks. Your flea infested house should now be flea and tick -free! At, you can find the cat flea treatment of your pet’s dreams and more to help you with a flea infestation. There is nothing worse than living in a flea infested house, but with Advantage II Flea and Tick products, you’ll be asking “What are fleas?” in no time.

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