Circle Zero: Zero-Odor Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Circle Zero –

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A robot that automatically scoops & rakes waste just minutes after your cat leaves.

Circle Zero is a cat litter robot that automatically scoops & rakes waste just minutes after your cat leaves.

It automatically cleans cat waste, 7 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box.

It offers a choice for either bentonite or tofu litter, the scoop rotates 360° all the way to the bottom. Clumped up litter and turds are filtered and dropped to the back of the unit into the waste bin. This bin is in a litter chamber, sealed by the domed shell, making it completely odor-free.

After cleaning, the scoop will rotate backward to flatten out the litter bed.

Circle Zero is THE smart scooping robot with the following features:

Multi TX/RX Motion and Safety Sensors
Whisper-quiet operation
Fits cats up to 15 lbs
No need for filters
Use any liner or bag
A mugnloo Cat Health Monitor is available with an app. The device monitors and records your cat’s bathroom routines. Get alerts of possible health irregularities and concerns. Share a health report with your veterinarian or friends and family.

Circle Zero will retail for $699 and special pre-order pricing is 48% off at $359.. Orders will start shipping July 2020.

It is manufactured by PLUTO Electronics which was established in 2018 in South Korea. Circle Zero is the number 1 self-cleaning litter box in East Asia with more than 3,000 happy cat owners in Korea & Japan. We’re obsessed with design and believe that cat litter boxes should be a statement piece, and be easy to clean and use, What was once imagined is now a reality – design, function, safety, ease of use at an affordable price, built with a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. And love for our feline family.

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