2020 Best Modern Automatic Litter Box – ChillX AutoEgg Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Introducing the ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box, the purrfect modern redesign of automatic litter box for multiple cats!

What makes the AutoEgg so pawsome? Everything!

Main Features

Highly Accurate Sensors for Self-Cleaning
Quieter Self-Cleaning
Safer Self-Cleaning
Deeper Self-Cleaning
Minimal Meow-tenance Cost
No Fancy Litter Needed
Superior Dust & Odor Control
Compact, Yet Roomy
Health Log & Alert Touchscreen
Fast Acclimation
Minimized Litter Tracking
Easy Setup
Quick Cleaning and Reassembly
A Sleek and Modern Minimalist Design
Happier Cats

Buy with Confidence
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Fur Real!
12-Month Warranty
Free Expedited 1-3 Day Shipping
If you place your order by 4 pm EST, we’ll ship out that same day!

Have some questions? We’d love to help! Visit our FAQ page at https://chillx.co/a/faq or reach out to us via FB Messenger or by emailing support@chillx.co. Replies typically take 1 business day.

We’d love to hear about your AutoEgg experience, you can always leave feedback at support@chillx.co or even leave a review!

Make yourself and your cat purrfectly happy! Get yours today at www.chillx.co

ChillX – Designed with love and chill in L.A.

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