Are SELF CLEANING litter boxes WORTH IT?

The second review is now out, all about Pet Treat camera!

Hello and welcome to the first video on this brand new channel which is dedicated to reviewing products for, and related to…cats!

This first video takes a look at self-cleaning litter boxes. We take an in-depth look at the Litter-Robot III as well as the CatGenie and others.

You can get $25 off a Litter-Robot III here:

It looks like I won’t get the Kickstarter ones. What a waste of money!

New review here on Surefeed microchip feeders:

Petsafe scoop free litter box:

Surefeed microchip pet feeder:

Petcube Bites 2:

This video was produced by Philip Bloom and Harriet, Jimmy The Greek, Percy, Bertie and Lollipop. You can visit Philip’s YouTube channel here:

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Music licensed from Audio Network

In sequential order:

“Shut the Back Door” Neil Sidwell
“Blue Danube” Juliant Gallant, David Tobin, Jeff Meegan
“Guilty Pleasures” Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd
“Silly Question” Tim Garland
“Cat Burglar” Sam Wedgwood
“Bad Cat” David Kelly
“Urgent Deadline” Paul Mottram
“Tommy’s Tango” Neil Sidwell
“Burst Into Bloom” Sam Wedgwood

Thanks to Ava Hudon and Leah Hudson for the illustrations of the cats. Thanks also to Sarah Seal for the video of Moo!

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